The Communion of Children

childrenThe anonymous writer at the marvelous French-language blog Moinillon au quotidien offers the following points of reflection on children and Holy Communion, which I here translate for your consideration:

  • -Communion is not a magical act; its action is related to a certain preparation and to a certain interior disposition.

-Communion is communion with Christ and with the other faithful in Christ; it must therefore take place within the context of communal Liturgy.

-The entire Liturgy is a preparation for Communion; all people who commune must therefore be present at least from the beginning of the Liturgy of the faithful.

-It is important to teach children from their youngest age to behave themselves in church; even if they do not understand the words and action of the Liturgy, they are impregnated with the spiritual atmosphere and benefit from the prayers of the priest and of the community, and recieve the grace of the Holy Liturgy.

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