Pilgrimage on Mount Athos – Greece


Organisator: Friends of Mount Athos – Kleanthis Symeonides
Conduct: Kleanthis Symeonides, E-mail: ksymeonides@cytanet.com.cy
Deadline: 31/11/2009
Communication: English – Englisch

Dear friends,

Some pilgrims of Mount Athos (Greece) are organizing a short trip on the Holy Mountain. Invited are any interested persons, independently of their religious beliefs or nationality.

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  • Starting point, Sallonika Airport (Greece) on 20/5/2010, at 11 a.m.
  • Enter Mount Athos on 21/5/2010. Stay there for 3 nights.
  • Walk and feel the beautifull nature, visit Monasteries and [meet] wise fathers.
  • It is important to have light baggage [e.g. backpack] in order to be able to walk easily long distances.
  • No videos are permitted.
  • Photos are permitted.
  • Maximum size of the group 20 persons.
  • Approximated cost per person €360 (one night hotel accomodation in Halkidiki is included, and all travel expenses e.g bus, ferryboat, jeep or minibus (inside Mount Athos), accomodation/ entrance fee etc. Basically those that will come, must pay only their own airplane ticket since all other expenses are included.
  • End of the visit on 24/5/2010 about 5p.m at Sallonika Airport or town centre (for those who want to stay in Sallonika for more days, i can help them to find a cheap hotel).


1. Each visitor will receive a book (free of charge) about Mount Athos (in English or German language) in order to have an overview about Mount Athos. Please, if you are interested to come, get conduct with me (Kleanthis Symeonides, E-mail: ksymeonides@cytanet.com.cy) as soon as possible. The preparation for the pilgrimage e.g. license for entrance in Mount Athos takes a lot of time, only 100 visitors can enter per day and the demand is very high.

2. If you would like to invite a friend or relative of yours to join us its ok, but its important for him to be a serious person ready to participate smoothly in our team.

3. Please let me know, if any member of our group has any health problems.

4. A visit on Mount Athos is something unique that cannot be described by words. It´s worthy to live this experience.


Kleanthis Symeonides

Nicosia, Cyprus (tel. 0035799467906)

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