Armenian cemeteries annihilated in Turkey

Armenian cemetery of Aydynodjaq village, in Gevash region, Van, has been turned into a school, and now another Armenian cemetery in Yaylaqonaq village, Van is under threat of annihilation aimed to be turned into a public house.

Construction activities have also started, Haber 1 reported. It’s reported that the Armenian cemetery will be completely destroyed, the graves and stones are broken which made the bones of dead Armenians to appear.

The local residents of the village submitted protest letters to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey to make the construction stop but everything is reported to be in vain. Kurdish oriented BDP party chief applied to Culture Minister Ertugrul Gyunay.

It was highly recommended to send expert group to study the case, but since the roads to the village are impossible to pass, the group didn’t arrive.


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