Miracles of Saint (Archimandrite) Justin of Chelije (part 3)

Fresco of Elder Justin Popovic, in the church of Pantanassa (of Vatopedi monastery) in Porto Lagos

The Year 1980
Novka Matich from the village of Osechine had a son, Zharko. Zharko was involved with the worst sort of company, spending most of his time in bars. His mother stated that some person had «placed a curse» on him, and that he was keeping company with her. For three years he never came home, and he threatened his parents with death. He was always dressed in black, and explained this by saying he was «in mourning for his parents.» read more
His mother heard about Fr. Justin’s grave and came to the monas-tery to pray at his grave (the day was Sunday). When she returned home, she found her son in the house. In conversation, after much time, he addressed his mother sweetly, «Mama!» On Tuesday he asked her, «Mama, will you tell me something sincerely?» When she replied that she would, he continued, «Where were you on Sunday?» His mother later related, «I was consumed with trembling as I stood beside him, for he had earlier always threatened that he would kill me. But at that moment, I decided to tell him everything!» «My son, since you asked, mother will tell you! I was in Chelije Monastery, at the grave of Fr. Justin.» Her son replied, «I felt, on Sunday, that I was liberated from something!» He has since married. He has a daughter, respects his father and mother, and cares for the entire household.

The Year 1981

Jovanka, a nurse from the city of Valjevo, brought to the monastery her sick daughter Snezhana who, for over a year, had suffered from a neurological sickness. Only semi-conscious, she had to be held up by the hands of others at Fr. Justin’s grave. After this, she became totally healthy. She completed her interrupted education, became employed, married, and has been blessed with a son.

The Year 1982
Krstivoj Antonijevich, from the village of Bogatich, was scheduled for a difficult surgical procedure. He came to pray at Fr. Justin’s grave. He recovered his full health without undergoing any operation.


Mihailo, from the village of Osechinice by the Drina River, was twenty-three years old and very sick. He had an injury that required an operation. As his mother stated, the doctors said that even the operation would not help. Mihailo came with his mother to Fr. Justin’s grave, and they prostrated themselves and prayed. Mihailo recovered his health; not even a scar remained of his injury. He often comes to the monastery.

The Year 1983

Ljubica Begovich from Brezovice (in the vicinity of Ub), was very sick spiritually. She was not cognizant of herself, and often spoke strangely. Her son and daughter brought her to the monastery. At Fr. Justin’s grave and the church, she struggled to free herself and, finally, fled from the monastery. The daughter caught up with her in the grove. When she arrived home, she came to herself and from then on has been totally healthy. The members of her household often come to the monastery.

The Year 1984

Zagorka from Shabac, the wife of a military officer, was very sick. The sickness affected her kidneys and heart; she had high blood pressure and anemia. She was so weakened by her condition that she required the assistance of two people to move about her room. She heard of the miracles that occurred at Fr. Justin’s grave and at that moment she felt strengthened. One day, when she was alone in the house, she arose from her bed and, as secretly as she could, made her way to the bus station. Traveling by bus to Valjevo, she transferred to the village of Prisada, and descended from the hill on foot with ease, «as though something was carrying her.» She walked for two kilometers to the monastery, prostrated before Fr. Justin’s grave, and walked to the railway station, which was one kilometer from the monastery. She returned home at nine o’clock in the evening and told her family what she had done. Her husband said, «May you be healthy and go again!» She came again to the monastery and, glory be to God, was totally healed of her illness!

The Year 1985

A woman from Greece had no children. Coming to Fr. Justin’s grave, she took some of the earth from the grave back home with her. She mixed the earth with some water, which she drank. Later, she gave birth to a child.
By Fr. Justin’s prayers, many women who were childless were able to have children. This has continued to occur even after his repose.


Miodrag Kotarac, from the village of Zlatarich in the vicinity of Valjevo, suffered for three years from an infection of the kidneys. He made a pilgrimage to Fr. Justin’s grave and, since then, has been com-pletely healthy.


Two young men, Radivoj and Milovan Kotarac, from the village of Zlatarich, had just returned home from military service. Milovan com-mitted suicide by hanging himself, and Radivoj was caught in the process of trying to hang himself. He had to be constantly guarded, for he was continually driven by the desire to commit suicide. His father, Velimir, came to Fr. Justin’s grave, and prostrated before it in the name of his son. Since then, Radivoj has been liberated from this passion.

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