…Moral degradation

How many times Satan has tried to make it general and all-encompassing, but he always was confronted with the threatening rebuke of the Church.

For the spirits of darkness, what is most terrifying is rebuke. Just as a thief hides in the dark and fears the light, so also diabolic delusion is more effective and seductive when the light of truth is absent….The main weapon in this work—the lozenge of “freedom”! How much blood has been shed in all the revolutions and insurrections, socialist and pseudo-religious experiments, in political and mystical quarrels, on the altar of the demon of  ‘freedom’! This is he, who raises up and casts down, a creature trying to take the place of the Creator, he is the main lover of freedom. And his freedom is not that ability given man by God to be perfect in all kinds of virtue. No, his ‘freedom’ is the heaviest burdens, whose purpose is to deprive man of the possibility of choosing between good and evil leaving him only the path to hell. This is the kind of freedom that will be achieved.

The first “freedom” that the demon needs, without which everything else crumbles, is freedom of religion, so called religious tolerance [i.e. religious relativism; there is no “Truth”, and certainly no “True Church”]. The essence of this movement is to open the wide road, first of all for the youth, leading to Satan. Notice, Father, that this is a one-way road. Try to go against this movement—and they will immediately silence you.

The second ‘freedom’ which they cultivate in every way possible is the freedom of moral corruption. Unfortunately, people have already accepted it and it has become an inseparable part of contemporary life. Fornication—is not fornication, but sexual freedom (see how the enemy hides his action behind pretty words!). Debauchery begins in the earliest years:  movies, music, “education” will all serve to inflame lust, pretending that this is all normal. Contemporary clothing is very revealing—but this is only the beginning. The aim is the extremely loathsome feasts of Astarte and Baal,
where hundreds and hundreds of pagans would fornicate, stupefied by alcohol and drugs. There, to the worship of demons, is where the champions of freedom are leading mankind. Whoever is overcome by someone, is a slave to him. And people are being attracted to this slavery, wrapped up in freedom. But for the servants of darkness, natural fornication is not even enough. As a demonstration of true love of freedom and emancipation of thought, they will yield to the sin of Sodom and bestiality. Propaganda for this abomination will be unusually strong, almost as much as for ‘normal’ debauchery. Instances of single sex marriages will be given as much publicity as the discovery of antibiotics was in its day! And whoever will oppose this forced demonic display will appear as one violating another’s freedom, an ignorant buffoon, an enemy of the state, since all the governments will have as their main concern, not the protection of morality, but the protection of demonic freedoms.

Sunday Bulletin of Holy Theophany Orthodox Church

Christ is in our midst

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