“The night of Istanbul massacres” 55 years later

On September 6 and 7 in 1955 in the Turkish cities Istanbul and Izmir were organized the massacres of the Greek population, which later turned into Armenian as well. The tragic events of those days are known as «Night of Istanbul massacres» or «Night of national extermination in Constantinople.”

The massacres of the Christian population have been carried out by the Turkish authorities in response to the demand of the Cypriot Greeks to recognize their independence and to connect it with Greece.

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The last spark, which was to turn into the Turkish atrocities, was the blast that took place in the Museum of Kemal Ataturk in Salonika. As it turned out later, the blasts were realized by the inspector of the Museum, and the explosive charge was transferred to him by the Turkish special services.»

At night they had put signs on the houses to be destruction, on the shops and churches, and on the next night, the crowd of more than 100 thousand people began to make there “black job”.

37 people have been killed during those days , though this number is not accurate because it is impossible to make calculations. As a result of the furious mob actions suffered 80 churches, 4,500 shops, 2 500 apartments and 40 schools. They committed sacrilege on the Christian graves. The total material damage reaches hundreds of million dollars, while the moral damage is uncountable…

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