Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 11]‏

14. I am pregnant with twins
Dervenakion 3, Korinthos
I am pleased to inform you that I am pregnant with twins. I thank you very much for the ribbon of the Holy Belt which you have sent me. I put it on me immediately and I am incessantly praying to the Most Holy Lady.
With great respect,
Ereni Xrysovalantou Konstantatou
15. The tumor is nowhere to be seen
6.4.1995 Athens
I am referring to a miracle performed by the ribbon of the Holy Belt which you have sent to us as a blessing, and we wholeheartedly thank our Most Holy Lady for her abundant grace.
A young woman, Fani Fousteri, came to me crying and couldn’t be consoled. She went to many doctors, had a lot of tests which she showed me. All the doctors told her one word: cancer. «You must be operated upon immediately and even then we may be too late, since it has spread». I felt sorry for her because she is my age and in debt. They have no money because three months ago they had their daughter’s marriage. I immediately thought to give her the ribbon for blessing and protection. I explained to her that it was blessed on the Holy Belt of our Lady. With tears in her eyes, she pressed it fervently to her chest at the point where the cancer was located and said: «Anna, I believe that only our Lady can cure me».
It was Saturday noon and on Monday, she was going to be operated upon. Everything was ready. On Monday, the doctor tried to feel the tumor since it was obvious, and could not find it. The tumor had gone. He didn’t keep her in the hospital not even for an hour. The doctor was amazed. Now Fani is fine.
With respect
Anna Anagnostou
16. We have been trying for eight years
Panahaikou 115, Patra
I would like to refer to a miracle which happened to me by the grace of the Holy Belt.
We have been trying to have a child for eight years. I underwent a lot of tests, medical procedures and I even had two in vitro fertilizations. We had not been successful. Then my spiritual father told me about the blessed ribbon of the Holy Belt, which I looked for and finally found. I put it on on the 23.12.1995. On 19.1.96 I was confirmed pregnant and now I am in the 3rd month of pregnancy, always with the assistance of our Holy Lady.
Athanasia Chronia
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