Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 12]

17. I am feeling better
A year ago I had severe backache. For a while I could not even stand. I went to see a doctor and had a prayer read to me in church. A few days later I felt better. I continued to work, trying to avoid lifting heavy weights. I also went to another doctor and underwent some mecial proceedure.
During my first visit to the Vatopedi  monastery (24.2.96) I learnt about the blessed ribbon by the Holy Belt and asked for it. Two months later, I feel much better, I can even lift some heavy laods, without feeling those excruciating pains. I have placed my total trust in our Lady and I believe that I will be completely healed.
I fervently thank the Most Holy Lady Mother of God,
Demitris Panayiotidis
18. She had fewer pains compared to her first pregnancy
Davaki 8, Athens
I am writing to you to attest to the help of the Mother of God in having our second child. Our first child was born naturally, despite being a breach pregnancy from the beginning, because we had been praying to our Most Holy Lady. This was something of an exception for a first child.
In 1994, we wanted to have a second child thinking that conception was going to be a simple thing. In the first month of pregnancy my wife was having strong pains and she lost the child. We became very sad and anxious. We decided to turn our thoughts and lift our hands up in heaven, praying to our Lady. I told my wife that I had to pray to  the Lady «from nearby» and bring the ribbon from the Vatopedi moanstery. The peaceful feelings I had on my departure were the preamble of the miracle which was going to follow.
My wife wore the holy ribbon and she became pregnant the following month. She had less trouble than in her first pregnancy and the doctor was confirming that her whole term  was completely natural. In nine months we had a totally healthy baby boy.
In the beginning of April I visited the monastery to worship and thank our Most Holy Lady for the abundant gifts she has bestowed our family.
I kiss your hand
George Stathas
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