Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 14]

21. We would like to thank you for the miracle performing Belt
Limassol, Cyprus
«We would like to thank you for the miracle performing Belt of our Most Holy Lady, which you have sent us.
Once again, her Grace helped us to have a child, which we have named Paul.
We thank you for your help in giving the opportunity to her Grace to perform one more miracle.
With humble worship,
Antony and Georgia
22. The Doctor confirms my account
Barsaw, Romania
«My name is Christina Souliyitan and I live in Barsaw village,no 12, Chonedaora. I am a christian orthodox and I often go to church. I was born in 1971 and when I became 19, in 1990, I was married to Lucian. We very much wanted a child but couldn’t have one. For seven years we have been trying all sorts of therapies without result. We also visited a place specialised in sterility to no avail. We have lost every hope in having children and my husband and I were very upset.
Our family doctor gave us one last hope. To pray to God and ask for His help, since whatever is not possible for people it is possible to Him. He also gave me a ribbon blessed by the Holy Belt of the Mother of God from Vatopedi monastery, which was given to him by a friend, from the nearby Mbabotok village. I started praying and wore the ribbon placing my hope in God. The divine miracle happened a lot earlier than human comprehension could realize. I became pregnant and according to my doctor’s calculations this happened during the very first days I had put on the ribbon. The Mother of God had mercy on me and immediately granted me her blessing. After a normal pregnancy I gave birth on the 4 January 1998 to a baby boy, whom we have called Christian-John since he was born while the feast day of Saint John the Baptist was approaching.
We are not worthy in thanking the Lord and His Mother for the joy they have brought to our home. We have written to this account as a testimony for everyone, so that they can recognize divine help and the assistance of our Lady, who performs miracles, where humans are incapable of doing anything. Our family doctor, who signed and stamped our letter, is confirming my story.
May the Lord and His Mother help us
With deep respect and appreciation,
Christina Souliyitan
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