Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 15]

23. The odds of survival were few
«My name is Koulina Glodarenko. I live in Konstanza, Romania, at Mircea cel Batran 152, A, and I am the chief accountant at the hospital.
I am writing to you to inform you about a terrible event which had a good ending with the grace of God.
On the 5 January 1999, my husband, Victor, had a stroke. He was taken to hospital and a few days later his kidneys stopped functioning. The tests showed that his condition was very serious. Even though the doctors used every method to keep him alive, the odds for his survival were very few. We were counting the seconds.
During those moments of despair, a man came, whom I knew from work and while he was trembling with emotion, he gave me something for safekeeping: a small icon of our Lady, a ribbon blessed by the Holy Belt, a small olive branch and some oil ointment, which he had brought from the Holy Mountain. He asked me to place these under my husband’s pillow. I did and-Oh the miracle- my husband started to regain consciousness.
Even though highly qualified doctors were looking after my husband and gave him the best medicine, they could not explain why he got better, since he had so little chance of surviving. Gradually, the tests became normal and the blood clot in the brain was shown to have completely disappeared!
It is a fact that patients who suffer a stroke, if they live, they usually are left with some incapacity. Less than 30 days after the stroke, my husband walked away from the intensive care, without any problem. This is something which has never happened at our hospital. This event changed the way I am seeing things and strengthened my faith in God. I cannot explain how this man came to me and gave me those ‘precious gems’ precisely at the moment the doctor had left us little hope. I am certain that it is the power of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Which made him come to me during those terrible hours.
I have difficulty in finding words to give glory and thanks to the Lord Who in His providence took my family out of its misery. My husband is a wonderful man, who helps with his own money the destitute. As a university professor, he has helped many students in their hardship.
With great respect and repentance, I kiss your hands,
Nikoulina Glodarenko
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