Holy Wednesday Hymn of Kassiani-Τροπάριο της Κασσιανής

Hymn of Kassiani
Chanted by»Choir of Vatopaidi Monastery
Mount Athos.

«Glory to the Father,and to the Son,

and to the Holy Spirit;

now and ever and to the Ages of Ages.Amen.

Lord, when the woman who had

fallen into many sins perceived Your

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divinity, she assumed the role of a

myrrh-bearing woman, and lamenting

brought fragrant oils to anoint You

before Your burial. «Woe is me,» she

says. «Night for me is a frenzy without

restraint, very dark and moonless, a

sinful love-affair. Accept the fountains

of my tears, You who draw out from

the clouds the water of the sea. Take

pity on me, and incline to the sighing of

my heart, You who bowed the heavens

by Your ineffable self-emptying. I shall

cover Your unstained feet with kisses,

and wipe them dry again with the locks

of my hair; those feet, whose sound at

twilight in Paradise echoed in Eve’s

ears, and she hid in fear. Who can

reckon the multitude of my sins, or

fathom the depths of Your judgments,

O my life-saving Savior? Do not

despise me, Your servant, since without

measure is Your mercy.»

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