EASTER SUNDAY, A Sacred Pascha -ΑΓΙΟΝ ΠΑΣΧΑ Πάσχα Iερόν

Easter Sunday A Sacred Pascha..

The Stichera of Pascha-First Plagal Mode

Chanted by»Choir of Vatopaidi Monastery,

Mount Athos.

ΑΓΙΟΝ ΠΑΣΧΑ Πάσχα ιερόν..

Τά Στιχηρά τού Πάσχα,Ηχος πλάγιος τού α΄

Ψάλλει Χορός Βατοπαιδινών Πατέρων



Verse:Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered,

and let them that hate Him flee before His face,

A sacred Pascha hath been shown forth to us today;

a new and holy Pascha,a mystic Pascha,an all-venerable

Pascha,a Pascha that is Christ the Redeemer;

a spotless Pascha,a great Pascha, a Pascha of the faithful,

a Pascha that hath opened unto us the gates of Paradise,

a Pascha that doth hallow all the faithful.

Verse:As smoke vanisheth,so let them vanish:

as wax melteth before the fire.

Come from that scene,O women,bearers of good tidings,

and say to Sion:

Receive from us the tidings of joy, of the Resurrection of Christ.

Exult,dance,and be glad,O Jerusalem.

for thou hast seen Christ the King as a bridegroom come forth

from the tomb.

Verse:So let sinners perish at the presence of God,

and let the righteous be glad.

The myrrh-bearing women at deep dawn drew nigh to the tomb

of the Giver of life;they found an Angel sitting upon the stone,

and he, addressing them,in this manner say’s:

Why seek ye the Living among the dead?

Why mourn ye the Incorruptible amid corruption?

Go, proclaim it unto His disciples.

Verse:This is the day which the Lord hath made;

let us rejoice and be glad therein.

Pascha of delight,Pascha,the Lord’s Pascha,an all-venerable

Pascha hath dawned for us,a Pascha whereon let us embrace

one another with joy.

O Pascha,ransom from sorrow! Today Christ hath shone forth

from the tomb as from a bridal chamber,and hath filled the

women with joy, saying;

«Proclaim it unto the Apostles».

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