A Saint of our days-Elder Iakovos Tsalikis (Eng Subs) Video

The blessed father Iakovos Tsalikis born on November 5 in 1920 Livisi in Asia Minor.
His childhood years were very difficult, as this area is notoriously dominated by the Turks. When he was two years all Livisianoi ordered to leave the area. Approximately 2000 women, children and old men (since all men were led prisoners to forced-together and the father of the late James, Stavros) brought the sad procession. Frightened eyes, legs stagger, dark heart without hope. The little Jacob was holding in her arms the mother. His brothers, George and Tasoula, was only four years and forty days. Without the slightest financial supplies, since the few things they could get their seized the Turks began a harrowing journey that lasted a week or more. Finally arrived in Itea. Head of the family was now the grandmother of James, Mama Despina. Woman with fiery faith, unfailing patience and capacity. Since it took the shining example and taught to love God and people James. Finally in 1925 carried the Livisianous refugees at a site in northern Evia, in the village Farakla.
At 1924,the tormented family of Elder,finally transferred to North Evia, in the village »Farakla».
Our Elder,said that in the house, three things were dominated:
Love,fasting and charity.Those 3 things was a basic status in the family.Love was diffuse the house.As for charity, no one passed by the house,that does not take care of his mother-grandma Theodora-as we call her.When even some girls were in marriageable age,she helps as long as possible.Charity was always basic in the whole situation,and it is a fact that most of times was secret-nobody knew.This is why the Elder gave emphasis to those 3 things-love,fasting and charity…

Very importance to the spiritual development of the offspring,has the mental state,and,generally the way of living of their ancestors.

»The root is very important» often the Elder said.He was fortunate to feel this root as his first and most important educator,in the life of faith and piety,in the face of his mother,Theodora-that she was embellished with virtues of charity,of continence,of fasting of hardworking,and tidiness.

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