A Brief Explanation of the Symbolism of the Analabos

The άνάλαβος (Analab[v]os), which is the distinctive garment of a monk or a nun Tonsured into the highest grade of Orthodox monasticism, the Great Schema, is adorned with the instruments of the Passion of Christ. It takes its name from the Greek αναλαμβάνω («to take up»), serving as a constant reminder to the one who wears it that he or she must «take up his cross daily» (St. Luke 9:23). The ornately-plaited Crosses that cover the Analabos. the Polystavrion (πολυσταύριον, from πολύς, «many,» and σταυρός, «Cross»)—a name often, though less accurately, also applied to the Analabos—reminds the monastic that he or she is «crucified with Christ» (Galatians 2:20):

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