My trip to the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopedi

There is a place on earth called the “garden of the Virgin-Mary”, in no other than in Greece. Holy Tradition states that this place was visited by the Virgin Mary and she was mesmerized by its beauty, she asked her Lord and son, our sweet Jesus to dedicate this place to her, and dedicated to her it is!!! This garden is called the Athonite Peninsula, with twenty Holy Monasteries, and dozens of Sketes and hundreds of Kellia and thousands of monks. The monks are her little flowers, from every corner of the world.

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The Monks of the Arizona Desert

They surrender their lives to the “Geronta” or “Elder” or “Starets” trusting him to lead them to perfection and sanctification-”theosis”.

They always gaze toward the Cross of Christ seeking the strength and consolation of the Crucified and Risen Lord.

Through Prayer, Obedience and Humility they become “like Christ”. They crucify their flesh and their will so that they may transform themselves from fallen human beings to “transfigured children of God”.

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Saint Nektarios Metropolitan of Pentapolis (Libya) and the Vatopedi Monastery (1st nocturn)

The previously unpublished letters which Saint Nektarios had sent to the Great and Holy Monastery of Vatopedi

by Andri Hatzikosta-Tofalidou

At the archives of Vatopedi monastery eleven previously unknown letters were discovered, written by Saint Nektarios Kefalas, Metropolitan of Pentapoleos, and popular Saint of Aigina.
In this article we will publish these letters. I would like to extend my warm thanks and gratitude to
a)    The most reverent Abbot of Vatopedi, Archimandrite Efrem,
b)    The blessed elder of Vatopedi, Joseph monk, who has given me the blessing to publish the letters read more… Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

Holy Mount Athos will never perish

Source: Romfea

Byzantium may have perished and did not survive as a state. Nevertheless, it survives spiritually as a genuine way of life and as a culture. I would dare say that Byzantium lives on spiritually within the Holy Mount Athos! Our Lady’s garden exhibits resilience beyond time, as well as a unique way of life and a reviving vigor. read more… Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »