Miracles of Saint (Archimandrite) Justin of Chelije (part 3)

Fresco of Elder Justin Popovic, in the church of Pantanassa (of Vatopedi monastery) in Porto Lagos

The Year 1980
Novka Matich from the village of Osechine had a son, Zharko. Zharko was involved with the worst sort of company, spending most of his time in bars. His mother stated that some person had «placed a curse» on him, and that he was keeping company with her. For three years he never came home, and he threatened his parents with death. He was always dressed in black, and explained this by saying he was «in mourning for his parents.» read more Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

Miracles of Saint (Archimandrite) Justin of Chelije (part 1)

Translated by Fr. Milorad Orlic from Banatski Vesnik: List Pravoslavne Sprske Eparhije Banatske (Banat Messenger: Journal of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Banat), vol. 51, no. 11, June 1991.

The Year 1952

In 1952 there occurred a great miracle in the bakery of Chelije Monastery. In the monastery there were forty sisters, and Mother Nina was assigned to the kitchen. Having prepared bread for supper, she realized that there remained only one cup of flour. As she lamented this problem to the other sisters during dinner, Fr. Justin said: «Pray to Godthe Lord will take care of us!» Early the next morning, as Mother Nina entered the bakery, she found two large canisters of flour. Fr. Justin, Mother Sarah and all the other sisters witnessed this miracle, and all together gave thanks unto God.

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