Saint Syncletica (January 5)

St Syncletica. Fresco by Elder Sophrony Sakharov at the refectory of St John the Baptist Monastery in Essex.

Our holy mother Syncletica was born at Alexandria in the course of the fourth century to rich and devout parents, who came originally from Macedonia. From her youth, she had been seen as an excellent match on account of her great beauty, intelligence and virtues, and she had many suitors; but she remained deaf and blind to every worldly attraction, for she aspired only to spiritual marriage to Christ, the heavenly Bridegroom. Bringing her flesh into subjection by fasting and austerities of every kind, she constantly gathered her spirit in the depths of her heart and cried out night and day: My Beloved is mine, and I am His (Song of Songs 2:16).

On the death of her parents, she distributed her great fortune to the poor and then, accompanied by her blind sister, she fled far from the city. Read more… Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

The three friends and the King, a letter by blessed Elder Arsenios Spileotis and Hesychast

Elder Arsenios Spileotis (1886-1983), fellow struggler for more than 40 years with Saint Elder Joseph the Hesychast ( 1897-1959)

Mount Athos,

My dear child, P. I wish you the best. I have received your letter and I am pleased for your good health.

You did a good deed with the money you have sent me, because I needed it. I am working in the garden and I have been trying to carry water with a small tin because we did not have enough money to buy pipes. With these monies I will now buy the pipes and will be able to rest a great deal. I pray that you have the proper reward from God and that our Christ will give you the eternal goodness and also for us to be together in Paradise. Amen. Amen.

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Letter in the press on Vatopedi Monastery

By Olga Konaris Kokkinos,

Everyone knows that when one is deliberately ignoring certain facts, one is equally guilty had he been falsifying them. And this is true of the press.
In the last twenty days, Cypriot papers have been isolating some quotations from a certain book written by Yeronta Iosif Vatopedinos regarding the virtue of obedience, and gave the false impression that “yerontas”, or elder, tries to take the position of Jesus in the monasteries, and that Jesus Himself is nowhere to be found! They also implied that, when Yerontas Efraim travels outside Ayio Oros , carrying with him the Ayia Zoni, of our Lady, for people to worship, he does so in order to promote his image as “The” elder and that  any donations offered by the faithful are misappropriated by the monastery.
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