Turkish War Crimes in Cyprus Confirmed, yet again


Monday, August 10, 2009


For 35 years the story of these five Cypriot solders, (picture in the link above) immortalized in this 1974 photo taken during the illegal Turkish invasion of Cyprus, has been the same as thousands of other missing Cypriots. An entire generation has grown up wondering, as has their relatives, what happen to these young men after they surrendered to Turkish forces? What type of horrors awaited them after this photo was taken? At last that question has finally been answered, as officials with the United Nations led Committee on Missing Persons announced today, that the five solders as well as 14 others Cypriots were found in an abandoned well near the village of Tziaos, inside Occupied Cyprus. The bodies had been exhumed sometime in 2006, and have finally been identified. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

WHY WE FIGHT:Pictures and Videos of Cypriot Vigils and Demonstrations in Washington DC and Nicosia. ΓΙΑΤΙ ΑΓΩΝΙΖΟΜΑΣΤΕ: Φωτογραφίες και βίντεο από αγρυπνίες και διαδηλώσεις για την Κύπρο στην Ουάσινγκτον και την Λευκωσία.



NEW YORK–The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is pleased that the fervor for justice is growing stronger with each passing year, as much as the Greek and Cypriot establishment and lobby groups with their political ineptitude and personal agendas would like to bury this issue of memorialising 20th of July with muddled messages and talks (to the tune of bouzoukia and baglamades) on so-called «solutions» that involve so-called «federations» with the very criminals who perpetrated a HOLOCAUST on Greek-Cypriots,we say NEVER AGAIN. We will not be silent , and we are not going away.

Photos taken during our 18 hr Cyprus Vigil outside the Turkish Ambassador’s residence in Washington DC at Sheridan Circle/Park on July 19-July20 ,2009 are available for download at the ‘Pictures’ page on our website:

http://www.cyprusactionnetwork.org/pictures Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »