images (25)Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please allow me to take you at a slow pace trough one mysterious but indeed real story. It was 29th of November 2011 when three men, coming from the city Banja Luka (Republika Srpska), began their trip to monastery Ostrog (Montenegro) to bow down to the holy relic of the saint – Holy Vasilije.

When they arrived early in the morning in front of the monastery, the door was closed. One of the three said: “Don’t worry brothers! When we have managed to arrive in front of the door, the Saint will recognize our wish and will bless our intention.”

At this moment a running fast monk appeared from nowhere, as if he came out directly from the surrounding mountains, unlocked the heavy iron door of the church and said: “Please come in and bow down in front of Holy Vasilije – honor to him”. The monk opened the coffin with the holy relic of the saint. At this moment, the church got full of an indescribable smell which God decorated with his power. He cures sick people, gifts faith to unbelievers, and love to those who hate.

After praying to God and to saint Vasilije from Ostrog, the three men went out of the Holy place, radiating joy and happiness across their face.

Afterwards, the three men spontaneously decided to take the way in direction of the city Cetinje (Montenegro) where the monastery of the Saint Petar Cetinjski is located. The hand of Saint Johannes Baptist is guarded in this monastery as well.

When they arrived, the door of the monastery was open and the three men went in. They bow down in front of holy relics, prayed and took bless. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

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