St. Dyfrig (Latin: Dubricius), Bishop of Ergyng

St. Dyfrig was the son of the unmarried Princess Efrddyl, daughter of King Peibio Clafrog (the Leprous) of Ergyng. The King was furious when he discovered his daughter was pregnant, some say because he was the father of her child, and he tried to destroy her by casting her into the River. He failed and Dyfrig was born at Chilstone (Child’s Stone) in the parish of Madley (Herefords), traditionally in the mid-6th century.

When the baby Dyfrig kissed his grandfather, he cured him of his leprosy and the King Peibio quickly grew to love him. He gave him the whole area around Madley called Ynys Efrddyl. ..

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