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Virtual family

I will tell you again about one of my personal experiences. At some point of time Father told me: ‘Connect to Skype.” I did not know whether he was speaking metaphorically, “skaj” as heavens in English, so that I would pay more attention to heavenly things and spiritual way of living, or he was talking about the Skype program. So I asked him and got the answer to connect to Skype program. Then I notice that, for example, my phone bill is much lower. I can see that Father gives me some advices to make my life easier. That is how I got familiar with the Skype, which did not interest me previously; I was more interested in a writing program, and the things that I work on. This is only a small example of how Father helps people by making their spiritual and practical sides of life easier.

Question: In this book Father Gabriel often mentions the virtual family, which connects all people who communicate to him into one, no matter where they are. Therefore, now we could talk about the two aspects that this book reveals. One aspect is the assembly, the collectiveness since many people met thanks to the web-site of the Monastery Lepavina and thanks to the effort of Father Gabriel. Many people virtually met this way, and now many collaborate, comfort each other, and communicate to each other. The second aspect, which we can talk about, would represent the positive characteristics and the mission, if we can call it so, of computers in spiritual life. Father Gabriel once said that young people, who are frightened by computers, do not want to work on computers and are afraid in some way, contact him. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »


KnjgaOtacAbout Christian deed

Question: the Lord’s ways are truly miraculous. It is miraculous how Father Gabriel got a computer, without knowing how to use it, then how he learned to use it flawlessly because sometimes it seems like he knows more then those who learn about computers in schools. After he mastered the technology, Father started the missionary work which branched out, and this way he induced happiness in many people who now could, from anywhere in the world, communicate with the Father. I think that communication via internet, love for the God, love for fellow beings, and spreading of the Word of God represent the exact and essential value of this book. How would you present this book to the people who did not have an opportunity to communicate with Father Gabriel via internet?

Answer: As far as I understand, as a spiritual child and as someone who met Father Gabriel, his spiritual work has always been very meaningful; it has been polyvalent, and one can always look at his work from many different angles. His work has always been founded in Christian deed and strictness in his personal life. So, in his life he testifies the strictness of norms, and now suddenly from that strictness, from that one source and an internal focus, comes out his effort which reflects itself in his work via internet.

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Spiritual Conversations via Skype, the book by Archimandrite Gabriel Vuckovic, was recently published. This book is specific, and unique in spiritual literature, and it is also exceptionally graphically endowed. Color photographs are taken by Darko Radanovic, and Graphics Editor is Dragi Savicevic.
Guest in our studio is Radomir Vucic, the journalist from Republic of Srpska TV Station, who got a blessing from Father Gabriel to present the book to the public. The book begins with the letter written by Archimandrite Gabriel to Metropolitan Jovan of Zagreb, Ljubljana and All-Italy, in which Father Gabriel asked Metropolitan Jovan to bless the book publishing. Additionally, the following had been written:

“The Most Reverend, I am very astonished that your nearly prophetic words, with which you gave us the blessing to purchase a computer for Monastery Lepavina, predicted a form of missionary work in the times burdened by enormous spiritual emptiness in the souls of our people. To me, an Abbot, this seemed unlikely at the time; however, through the Glory of our Lord, and with a help of the Holy Theotokos of Lepavina, those words helped me to, after working hard and learning about computer technology, peacefully converse with believers; it helped me to answer the questions of those who are seeking for spiritual advice and moralities, those who seek to drink at least a drop of the water from life-giving springs, and those who are starving for the Word of God.

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The Abbot of the Monastery of Lepavina

The Archimandrite Gabriel (Vuckovic) entered the monastery as a novice at the end of the April 1961. He was born on May 23/10, 1944 in the village Duboka, county Kucevo (near Pozarevac), from father Dusan and mother Dusanka. His name was Bora at birth. The first monastery where he went was Tuman, and then the Monastery of Rajnovac. He started monastic education at the Monastery of Preobrazenje.

Father Gabriel took his monastic vow on the Holy Saturday at the Monastery of Rakovica in 1964. The ordinance was performed by Bishop Sava and Archimandrite Milutin, who later became Bishop of Timok. Same year, with the blessing of the Most Reverend Patriarch German, Father Gabriel went to the Monastery of the Holy Patriarchate of Pec.

He served the army from September 23, 1965 until March 11, 1967 in Skopje. After his return from the army, he transferred from the Diocese of Belgrade and Karlovac to the Diocese of Raska and Prizren. He entered the Brotherhood of the Monastery of Visoki Decani. He was ordained to the Hierodiacon by the Bishop of Raska and Prizren Pavle on the Saint Stephan of Decani Day in 1967. He stayed in the Monastery of Visoki Decani from March 21, 1967 until March 10, 1971. According to his personal request, he got the Canonical approval to transfer to the Monastery of Hilandar, Mountain Athos (Greece). Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »