About the fear of God

Saint Nikolai Velimirovch

«Conduct yourselves with fear in the time of your sojourning»

(1 Peter 1:17).

These are the words of the great Apostle Peter, words that have a dual foundation: heavenly inspiration and personal experience. By divine inspiration, Peter, a simple fisherman, became a teacher of the people, a pillar of the Faith and a powerful miracle-worker. According to his own experience he learned that all of his wisdom and power was of God and, because of that, one should possess the fear of God. No other fear, except the fear of God. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

Acknowledgment, Forgiveness and Reconciliation


Acknowledgment of one’s guilt, forgiveness of one’s sins, and reconciliation with God Almighty are the components of the human experience in the Church’s sacrament of confession. In order to experience forgiveness and reconciliation we first have to be able to acknowledge that we are guilty of something. It is a sense of acknowledging responsibility, or even more simply, we need a sense of sin before we can experience forgiveness. To put it positively we need, «a sense of responsibility.» Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »