«And the wife see that she reverence her husband»

«Ἡ δέ γυνή ἵνα φοβῆται τόν ἄνδρα»

A theological commentary on Ephesians 5:33

by Saint Nektarios, Metropolitan of Pentapolis, 1902.

Regarding the true interpretation

Having familiarized the Ephesians with the mystical character of matrimony and teaching them that Matrimony is an important mystery, and having pointed out the analogy of the matrimonial bond to the union of Christ with the Church and appointing the man to be the head of the woman -according to the Holy Bible- in the analogy that Christ is the Head of the Church, and also having taught them that both man and woman -according to the Holy Bible- are one body and one spirit as members of the body of the Church (which is the Body of Christ, who loved us as His own flesh), the Apostle Paul recommends to each and every one of the men to love his own wife they way that Christ loved the Church.

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Fr. Matthew the Poor on the Three Enemies of Faith

Faith has three enemies: reliance on natural reason, fear, and skepticism.

1. Reliance on Empirical Reason. Reliance on empirical reason hampers the work of faith and frustrates the acceptance of its effectiveness, for it is well known in nature that man cannot walk on the sea or move mountains or rebuke the wind and waves or raise the dead. As for faith, it pays no regard to nature and its laws.

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Fear evil like fire

By St. John of Kronstadt

Fear evil like fire. Don’t let it touch your heart even if it seems just or righteous. No matter what the circumstances, don’t let it come into you. Evil is always evil. Sometimes evil presents itself as an endeavor to God’s glory, or as something with good intentions towards your neighbor. Even in these cases, don’t trust this feeling. It’s a wrong labor and is not filled with wisdom. Instead, work on chasing evil from yourself. Evil, however innocent it looks, offends God’s long-suffering love, which is His foremost glory. Judas betrayed his Lord for 30 silver pieces under the guise of helping the poor. Keep in mind that the enemy continuously seeks your death and attacks more fiercely when you’re not alert. His evil is endless. Don’t let self-esteem and the love of material goods win you over.

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