The assassination of Andy Hadjicostis

At the request of the Diaspora Cypriot community, The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) releases the following article by Fanoulla Argyrou on the assassination of Andy Hajicostis.The solemn truth is articulated by Fanoulla Argyrou. Once again the Traditional Enemies of the Truth are targeting our leaders (alive and dead), activists and intellectuals in their attempt to kill every voice of resistance to the surrender of Cyprus.

Please distribute the following articles in English and the Greek published in the January 14th 2010 edition of Simerini.

The assassination of Andy Hadjicostis

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Flawed claims on the Cypriot issue

From Mr Robert Ellis.

Sir, Your claim (“Engaging Turkey”, September 8) that “the EU members made a fundamental mistake in allowing that divided island [Cyprus] to join without a deal” flies in the face of historical fact. The European Union agreed in 1995 to begin accession negotiations with Cyprus. At the Helsinki summit in 1999, when Turkey was accepted as a candidate, the European Council stated: “If no settlement has been reached by the completion of accession negotiations, the council’s decision on accession will be made without the above being a precondition.”

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Turkish war crimes uncovered in mass graves in Cyprus

International Desk

MissingThe Turkish army has been accused of war crimes during its illegal invasion in 1974 of Cyprus, which has provoked Greek Cypriots to prepare law suits to prosecute Turkey for war crimes. Following the discovery of human remains in a mass grave confirmed using DNA evidence to be the bodies of five Greek-Cypriot soldiers who appeared in an «iconic» photograph depicting the ferocious military attack instigated by Turkish troops on the Mediterranean island.

The families of the Greek Cypriots have said that the evidence found in the mass graves of the bodies to be that of the men presumed missing for 35 years, were in fact murdered in the custody of Turkish troops.

«It’s a cold-blooded execution,» Andreas Hadjikyriakos, a brother of one of the soldiers told Cyprus state TV. «I can never accept this.» (Associated Press)

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