Istanbul Greek school down to just one student

Valendi Mihailidis is seen in a classroom of the Kadıköy Greek Elementary School, where he is the only student. Only 10 out of 22 Greek schools in Istanbul have students. Radikal photo, Mine TUDUK

If 10-year-old Valendi Mihailidis forgets his pen or notebook at home, there is no one at his school he can borrow one from. The fourth-grader is the only student at the Kadıköy Greek Primary School in Istanbul, one of 22 schools in the city serving just 214 pupils.

When asked if he ever gets bored without other students around, Valendi told daily Radikal, “I want to have friends too, but there are also good sides of being alone.”

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Unidentified assailants vandalize graves in Greek Orthodox cemetery

Several grave stones in a Greek Orthodox cemetery in the Aegean island of Gökçeada were vandalized on the night of Oct. 28, according to a press release sent to Today’s Zaman by the Foreign Ministry.

The release added that the incident was made public upon a criminal complaint filed at a prosecutor’s office by the Gökçeada Municipality. An immediate investigation was launched into the incident. Efforts are ongoing to catch the perpetrators of the attack.

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Christen in der Türkei

Der Altar der Paulus-Kirche in Tarsus, der Heimat des Apostels Paulus

Was religiöse Toleranz und Religionsfreiheit angeht, kann die Türkische Republik dem Osmanischen Reich das Wasser nicht reichen. Die heutige Türkei versteht sich als weltlicher Staat, doch verweigert gerade sie den – kaum noch vorhandenen – Christen elementare Rechte.


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German minister urges Turkey to protect minority rights

The visiting German interior minister said Friday that he has urged Turkish officials to protect religious freedom and address the problems facing the country’s minorities.

“I asked Turkish officials to continue their efforts to resolve minorities’ problems concerning obtaining property,” Thomas de Maiziere told reporters during a press conference at the German Embassy in Ankara.

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“The night of Istanbul massacres” 55 years later

On September 6 and 7 in 1955 in the Turkish cities Istanbul and Izmir were organized the massacres of the Greek population, which later turned into Armenian as well. The tragic events of those days are known as «Night of Istanbul massacres» or «Night of national extermination in Constantinople.”

The massacres of the Christian population have been carried out by the Turkish authorities in response to the demand of the Cypriot Greeks to recognize their independence and to connect it with Greece.

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Christian Woman’s Faith Attacked In Istanbul Airport

Returning from a recent trip to Lebanon, Helen Talia, traveling with  her friend Laurice Somo, both from Chicago, approached the security gates at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport, carrying a host of religious (Christian) gifts ~ crosses, rosaries in her carry-on  handbag.

«No sooner did I approach the first security attendant, says Talia, my bag was turned upside down and ridded of all the religious gifts I had brought back from places of worship I had traveled thousands of miles in pilgrimage to Lebanon ~ Mar Charbel and Haresa. Needless to say, the manner in which the procedure was carried out was very vicious and without any regard to the value that another human places on his or her spiritual practices.

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The Christmas Message of the Ecumenical Patriarch

Русский (Russian)
Українська (Ukrainian)

Prot. No. 1237 


By God’s Grace

Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome

and Ecumenical Patriarch

To the Plenitude of the Church

Grace, peace and mercy from the Savior Christ

Born in Bethlehem


Beloved concelebrants and blessed children in the Lord,

Heaven and earth have united

Through the birth of Christ.

Today, God has appeared on earth,

And man has ascended to heaven.

(Christmas Hymn)

The distance and separation between God and humanity resulting from sin has been abolished with the assumption of the entire human nature by the Only-Begotten Son and Pre-eternal Word of God. It was God’s good will – that is to say, His initiative and will – that the incarnation of His Son should abolish all such distance uniting heaven and earth, as well as creation with its Creator. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »