My experience with Elder Paisios Part B.

cf80ceb1ceb9cf83ceb9cebfcf83Homily by the Metropolitan of Limassol Athanasios at a symposium on blessed Elder Paisios the Hayiorite at Konitsa, 2011, published in ‘Paraklisis’ magazine, July 2012.


I would like to present before you the facts which to my mind set Elder Paisios apart as a great saint and not so much the innumerable and sometimes unknown miracles Elder Paisios performed even after his death. I have always believed and will continue to believe that we are dealing here with a modern-day, great Saint of our Church. To my mind he not only ranks amongst the great Saints but I am also convinced that this man truly sustains the universe with his prayers.

Seeing that I was weak and wretched, the Elder gave me the blessing to stay with him during several consecutive nights; this lasted two and a half weeks. During my stay I was watching him meticulously and very carefully. I was very curious to see how he lived. I have always been under the impression that this man sustained the entire universe with his prayers indeed.
I remember that the very first night I stayed with him he told me: “Let’s go and eat”. But, what was there to eat? There was absolutely nothing. I am not in a position to describe the absolute poverty that reigned in that cell at the Holy Cross.
Nevertheless, we went to get something to eat. He threw a rag on a marbled, square stone since there was no table and presented me with a couple of onions, some crisp bread and a tin which somebody had given to him. He said to me: “I am going to open this tin for you to eat. I was saving it for you”. How was he going to open it? He had no kitchen utensils, since he had no use for them. He tore it open using a hammer.
We stood up to pray and recite the Lord’s Prayer. This Holy Cross area of Kapsala was such a deserted place. And he stood up to pray in this forsaken place; he lifted his hands to the sky and started saying: “Our Father, Who art in heaven…” I am truly confessing to you, that so many years afterwards I have never heard this prayer said with such might. I almost thought that God Himself would reach out and bless our meager fare. It was awesome!
Yet, his entire life was equally awesome. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »