The role of women in the Eastern Orthodox Church (Part 1)

The Christian world is currently divided, as it has been since the institution of the Church, on the issue of women serving in the Church and the extent to which they should serve. Certain denominations allow the ordination of women while others, relying on Holy Tradition, are resolute in their stance that only men should be ordained into the ministry. This article attempts to provide insights into, and is an exposition and analysis of what the Eastern Orthodox Church has to say on this somewhat delicate subject and what the image of women was in the Early Church.

Priesthood is an area which was previously the domain of only men. It is now an area of “equal opportunity” in many Christian Churches. The Eastern Orthodox Church or Ekklesia however, remains resolute in its stance on the issue of priesthood and allows only males to become ordained as per its interpretation of the Holy Scriptures and Holy Traditions. The Holy Scriptures which were Divinely inspired writings and Holy Tradition which was an oral transmission of Divine Truth, are for the adherents of Eastern Orthodoxy and the Ekklesia, nothing less than the Revelation of the Triune Godhead. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »