Christian Peoples Genocide in Turkey – Germany also apologizes through spoken word

A historical day in St. Mary Church in Gütersloh. A day that will never more be forgotten: August 30, 2009. A day of forgiveness, when finally also the Germans spoke out an apology for the devastating crimes, emerged as genocide of 1914/15 against the Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks – as it was already done by Philip Kiril Prince of Prussia 10 years ago for the Armenian people in a letter to the Armenian Embassy.

Around 250 Assyrians have assembled in the church hall of St. Mary Church in Gütersloh. Cameras and Spotlights built up, a curious crowd of people in view of the guests of this day. Sabri Atman from Seyfo-Center in Sweden, the Kurdish activist for human rights and writer Berzan Boti, and Ingrid Seigis, director of Human Rights Organization Christian Solidarity International (CSI) Germany.

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