Addiction and dependency on the Internet:The modern disease of e- dependence is often a deadly threat

Two articles will be presented later (reprinted from newspapers) showed the most dramatic way, the risk from excessive use of computers, which can arise not only for children but for older people, prone to addictions and dependencies .

The scourge of e-dependence

Thicken ever incidents of abuse of the Internet

Diamantis of Iphigenia

Source: Newspaper «Kathimerini». Date of publication: 02/20/1911 .

Reprinted from:

Classified as «incidents of abuse of the Internet. In fact, this is normal addiction. «Subjects» of, young girls recently, an increase in the province, the last two years for the sake of social media and especially on Facebook.

Still, the damage could be prevented, because the signs are numerous and very characteristic. Approximately 40 hours spent in the network, a week, neglect of personal hygiene, missed meals, insomnia, dizziness, home confinement, social disruption and personal relationships, withdrawal from activities and obligations, etc.., Etc..

But the latest figures from the Department problematic use of the Internet Adult Rehabilitation Unit «18 ANO» the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica, the Adolescent Health Unit (SBC) of Children’s Hospitals «Aglaia Kyriakou» and the «road map» of the Center for Addiction Treatment adolescents and young people up to 24 years, show something even more disturbing. That reliance on the Internet is no longer only the most vulnerable because of age, adolescents.

The phenomenon is spreading and age, based on investigations, members of social reintegration, and seems to vary inversely with the duration of drug use and abstinence during the treatment. A recent conference held last fall, «was the theme of diexartitikotitas, namely the transition from one form of dependence on one another. We record events that cured apexartontai than heroin and start online role-playing games, such as Lineage or World of Warcraft (SS: playing games on the Internet, where players interact with each other «wear» digital clock in a virtual world ) «explains the» K «the clinical psychologist Bill Stavropoulos, director of the treatment program of» 18 up «. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

Nativity of Christ

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

There is anguish when a woman is in labour, but all this is forgotten when the child is born, because a man has come into the world. Someone has come into the world to live, someone has entered into the realm of transitory life in order to grow into life eternal, and the birth of a child is always perceived as the beginning of life and as the beginning of eternity, once more incarnate, once more made real, visible, tangible, become part of human joy and human simplicity.

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