St Photios, patriarch of Constantinople (+ 891)

St Photios, along with St Mark of Ephesus and St Gregory Palamas, is counted as one of the Three Pillars of Orthodoxy, who stood against Latinizing influences on the Orthodox Church.

He was born in Constantinople in 810, son of pious parents belonging to one of the prominent families of the City. Both his parents were martyred during the Iconoclast persecution, leaving their son an example of adherence to the True Faith even unto death. He received a superb education, and was widely considered the single most learned person of his time. He was elevated to the Patriarchal throne in 858, after being raised through all the degrees of the priesthood in six days.

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St. Photios the Great: On the Filioque and the Confusion of Trinitarian Persons and the Divine Nature


Behold the excessiveness of this impiety. If the Father is a cause of the Spirit just as He is a cause of the Son, then the generation and the procession occur at the same time, because the Son is not begotten in an interval of time and the Spirit likewise proceeds without any interval of time. But if one says, as this impious and idle chatter does, that the “Spirit also proceeds from the Son” as if from the same cause, it could lead one to conceive of the nature as mutable and changing.


Do you see the manifold flexibility of this ungodly thing? If, in accordance with the theological principles of the incorporeal and supernatural nature, the Son is begotten from the Father at the same time as the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, then the former procession and the latter procession each belong to a completely different person of the eternal Trinity. But if this is so, then how are the distinctions of the causes, and the divine operations of the persons maintained? And why is division induced against the indivisible, simple and unitary Person of the Spirit? For the person comes before the distinctions in energies and operations, especially because it is supported by the evidence of the superior and supernatural Word. . . .


In all that is said above if something is said of one thing in the

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I Have an Announcement

jokerDo you know what the jackpot is on the lottery? Usually, I don’t worry about playing until the amount of the lottery is over $100 million dollars. Why bother? (duh) Once it hits that plateau, I begin to believe that I will be the next lottery winner. After all, why should the devil get all the money? I can just picture what I will do with the money. Its all good, of course and I can just see what a blessing I will be to the Church (new chapels for everybody!) In fact, with such good intentions, I wonder why I haven’t won in the past. I wait by the phone, but the Lotto never calls me. Instead, the money goes to all kinds of people who aren’t Orthodox and who end up wasting the money on frivolous things.
What’s that? You have to buy a ticket to win? Is that right? Why, I thought they just picked your social security number and called you. No?
I am kidding, of course, I don’t play the lotto.
Its instructive to read the reports of what happens to those who win. Its seems so odd to me that most of them end up being very miserable, and a few ended up in bankruptcy. The Lord whispers in my ear that, should I win such a sum of money, I would end up losing my soul. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »