St. Justin Popovic: Whither does humanistic culture lead?

VatopaidiFriend: Today, June 14 we commemorate for the first time, the memory of Saint Justin Popovic that has been recently declared  a Saint from the Orthodox Church of Serbia. On our site, there are a lot of articles concerning his life, personality and teachings.

What is the objective of Orthodox culture? It is to introduce and to realize, to the greatest extent possible, the Divine in man and in the world around him; to incarnate God in man and in the world, wherefore Orthodox culture is an incessant service to Christ our God, an incessant divine service. Man serves God by means of all creation; all around himself he systematically and regularly introduces that which is of God into his every effort, into his creativity. He awakens everything divine in nature around him, in order that all of nature, under man’s guidance, might serve God, and thus does all creation participate in a general and mutual divine service, for nature serves that man who serves God. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »