Rioters battle police after anti-cuts rally

Black-clad, masked youths battled riot police and attacked banks and luxury stores in central London on Saturday, overshadowing a protest by more than a quarter of a million Britons against government spending cuts.

Police said they had arrested more than 200 people after anarchist groups splintered from the main union-led protest march and fought running skirmishes with riot police across the West End shopping and theatre district.

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David Cameron’s incredibly stupid speech in Turkey

Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, made an incredibly stupid speech in Turkey that displayed his ignorance of international affairs.

Calling Gaza a ‘prison camp’ his comments pointed to Israel as being totally responsible for the restraints and conditions there.

Hamas and other Islamic terror groups that prosper and operate in the Gaza Strip were airbrushed out of his speech. For Cameron, they do not exist. They are, for him, no part of the problem.

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Pregnancy hormones trigger the production of a protective protein that blocks breast cancer growth

By David Derbyshire
Last updated at 9:50 AM on 25th November 2009

A chemical produced naturally in women’s bodies during pregnancy offers hope as a powerful breast cancer drug, scientists say.
Alph-fetoprotein, or AFP, seems to halt the growth of existing tumours and prevent new ones from appearing, a study found.
Although experts stress the findings need to be repeated in human tests, they believe the molecule could eventually be converted into a breast cancer drug.

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Turkish war crimes uncovered in mass graves in Cyprus

International Desk

MissingThe Turkish army has been accused of war crimes during its illegal invasion in 1974 of Cyprus, which has provoked Greek Cypriots to prepare law suits to prosecute Turkey for war crimes. Following the discovery of human remains in a mass grave confirmed using DNA evidence to be the bodies of five Greek-Cypriot soldiers who appeared in an «iconic» photograph depicting the ferocious military attack instigated by Turkish troops on the Mediterranean island.

The families of the Greek Cypriots have said that the evidence found in the mass graves of the bodies to be that of the men presumed missing for 35 years, were in fact murdered in the custody of Turkish troops.

«It’s a cold-blooded execution,» Andreas Hadjikyriakos, a brother of one of the soldiers told Cyprus state TV. «I can never accept this.» (Associated Press)

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Mor Gabriel Monastery

Mor Gabriel Monastery


 May 22 2009


 ISTANBUL (Reuters) – One of the world’s oldest functioning Christian  monasteries has won a legal battle to have land it had owned for  centuries restored to it, after a Turkish court ruled on Friday it  could not be claimed by the state.

The dispute over the boundaries of Mor Gabriel, a fifth-century Syriac  Orthodox monastery in eastern Turkey, had raised concerns over freedom of religion and human rights for non-Muslim minorities in Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country and European Union aspirant. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »