Justice for genocide should have no expiry date

After World War II, the Germans gave us their new term for reparation payments to be made to Holocaust survivors — wiedergutmachung. At first, the English translation, making good again, sounded profound and exotic — until I realised that dead husbands, wives, parents, children and the half-alive survivors can’t be restored in the way the term suggests.

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Albanian Nazi troops in WW2 Launched a Wide Spread Terror Against Kosovo Serbs


Genocide in Kosovo Albanian Skenderbeg Division

by Carl Kosta Savich

The historical and political precedents for the creation of a greater Sqiperia or Greater Albania was set during World War II when the Kosovo and Metohija regions along with territory Southwest of lake Skutari from Montenegro and the western region of Southern Serbia, or Juzna Srbija (now part of Macedonija), were annexed to Albania by the Axis powers led by Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, under a plan devised by Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler to dismember and to destroy the Serbian Nation and people, which the Germans and Italians perceived as the main threat to the axis powers and to the Third Reich in the Balkan.

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Spiritual Conversations via Skype, the book by Archimandrite Gabriel Vuckovic, was recently published. This book is specific, and unique in spiritual literature, and it is also exceptionally graphically endowed. Color photographs are taken by Darko Radanovic, and Graphics Editor is Dragi Savicevic.
Guest in our studio is Radomir Vucic, the journalist from Republic of Srpska TV Station, who got a blessing from Father Gabriel to present the book to the public. The book begins with the letter written by Archimandrite Gabriel to Metropolitan Jovan of Zagreb, Ljubljana and All-Italy, in which Father Gabriel asked Metropolitan Jovan to bless the book publishing. Additionally, the following had been written:

“The Most Reverend, I am very astonished that your nearly prophetic words, with which you gave us the blessing to purchase a computer for Monastery Lepavina, predicted a form of missionary work in the times burdened by enormous spiritual emptiness in the souls of our people. To me, an Abbot, this seemed unlikely at the time; however, through the Glory of our Lord, and with a help of the Holy Theotokos of Lepavina, those words helped me to, after working hard and learning about computer technology, peacefully converse with believers; it helped me to answer the questions of those who are seeking for spiritual advice and moralities, those who seek to drink at least a drop of the water from life-giving springs, and those who are starving for the Word of God.

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