…Moral degradation

How many times Satan has tried to make it general and all-encompassing, but he always was confronted with the threatening rebuke of the Church.

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«Satan, the Great Deceiver»

God will judge The Prince of evil on the last day - The Day of Judgment

«Satan can only deceive he cannot pluck us out of the hand of God»

Deceive – to mislead by a false appearance or statement

By Fr. Timothy Evangelinidis

When I was much younger and attending university in my home-town of Sydney (in those days a much smaller and less busy place), I was allocated a particular lecturer who prided himself on being an atheist. «Religion is something for weak people, those who cannot think or live for themselves». Arriving at his first lecture this man proudly announced that with a few premises, sub-conclusions and a watertight conclusion, he would prove beyond any doubt that God did not exist. It went something like this: Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

God’s Angels and the Devil’s demons

Angels and Demons

God sent us angels to be our traveling companions and our guides in this life, to guard us and protect us from all evil. They are also our most faithful allies in our struggle against the forces of evil. Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

”I remain with you in spirit”, from the Letters of Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi (1)

Nea Skiti, Holy Monastery of Agios Pavlos, Holy Mount Athos

Nea Skiti 28/2/1985

My dearest child, I send you my fatherly embrace.

I am pleased because you seem to sense my spiritual affection and love, so that you feel some comfort. I remain with you in spirit and I follow all your movements. I was so moved by the manifestation of your own affection that, if I could, I would come to see you in person, if even for a short while. But this affection is not the result of my own doing, since I am unworthy and insignificant, but of both your own faith and purity and that of my beloved son, who quietly fulfills all the conditions and rules of respect and obedience. read more… Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

Fear evil like fire

By St. John of Kronstadt

Fear evil like fire. Don’t let it touch your heart even if it seems just or righteous. No matter what the circumstances, don’t let it come into you. Evil is always evil. Sometimes evil presents itself as an endeavor to God’s glory, or as something with good intentions towards your neighbor. Even in these cases, don’t trust this feeling. It’s a wrong labor and is not filled with wisdom. Instead, work on chasing evil from yourself. Evil, however innocent it looks, offends God’s long-suffering love, which is His foremost glory. Judas betrayed his Lord for 30 silver pieces under the guise of helping the poor. Keep in mind that the enemy continuously seeks your death and attacks more fiercely when you’re not alert. His evil is endless. Don’t let self-esteem and the love of material goods win you over.

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Where Are Those Who Say There is No God?

nifon crostandSt Kronid, in his remarkable first-hand account of his long struggle with severe depression and blasphemous thoughts, writes: «My only consolation and joy was, in my free minutes, to open the book of The Lives of the Saints to read about Niphont, the wonder-worker of Cyprus, who suffered similar thoughts for the course of four years.» He is here referring to the following incident from the life of St Niphon (the Russians call him Niphont), Bishop of Constantia in Cyprus (commemorated December 23):

The Lord allowed a special affliction to come upon Niphon, so that tried like gold in a furnace, he might be proved worthy of divine grace. The man of God was delivered into the power of Satan, and for four years was out of his mind. Once, while keeping an all-night vigil in his room, the saint heard a sudden, frightful noise, moving from right to left. He was terrified and wondered what it might be. Immediately the devil appeared, raging and roaring and filling the blessed one with such trepidation that his thoughts bebecame utterly confused. Coming to himself a little, Niphon tried to pray and make the sign of the Cross. Seeing this, the devil screeched, «Leave off your entreaties to God, and I will put an end to my attacks!»

Niphon answered, «I will never obey you, unclean spirit. If God has given you permission to destroy me, so be it; I submit gratefully. If not, then know that you will soon be vanguished.»

«You are deceived, Niphon,» lauged the devil. «There is no God; have you ever seen Him?» Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »